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No Gym Needed: 5 Fierce At Home Full Body Workouts


You don’t need a gym membership or a garage full of equipment in order to get super-fit. In fact, you can achieve your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home, with nothing other than a small section of floor space and your own body weight! Below I’m listing 5 of my fierce at-home full-body workouts that require absolutely no equipment. Do a few of these workouts each week, while ensuring adequate rest days, and you’ll be quickly noticing results with both fat loss and increased muscle tone.

30 MIN STRONG NO EQUIPMENT HIIT | No Jumping + No Repeat

There isn’t a single part of your body that won’t feel the burn from this fun and sweaty, no equipment, no repeats workout! With lots of upper body and core work like pike push ups, side plank cruches, along with lunges and squats for the lower body, this workout has you covered. We’ll work on each exercise for 50 seconds with 10 seconds rest.

30 MIN STRONG No Equipment HIIT | No Repeats + No Jumping Apartment Friendly

In this full-body, no equipment and no-repeat workout, you won’t be doing the same exercise twice, and there’s also no jumping which is great for people with knee issues or nosey neighbours! Get ready for superman push-ups, fire hydrant kicks, frog pumps, reverse planks and lateral wall squats. This workout is a great mix of exercises to get the heart rate up while building strength, with each circuit of movement 50 seconds work with 10 seconds rest.

45 MIN NO EQUIPMENT SUPERSET HIIT | Advanced Full Body Workout

Feeling extra keen to get your sweat on? This no-equipment superset HIIT workout pairs advanced bodyweight moves back to back to create the ultimate HIIT routine that promises to bring on the burn. There are 12 supersets that make up this workout. We’ll be completing each superset 2 x through so that you really fatigue those muscles, with 30 seconds work and 15 seconds rest. Bring your determination with you, because every 3rd superset is a 30 seconds max effort round of burpees!

40 MIN HARDCORE FULL BODY HIIT No Weights | No Repeat + No-Equipment Workout

Get sweaty with this no-repeat workout that combines bodyweight HIIT exercises with core strengthening exercises in one full-body workout. There are 2 circuits that makes up this no-repeat full-body workout, which we will be completing 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest before moving onto the next. I’m taking no prisoners with bear crawls, planks, reverse crunches, lateral bear crawls and one armed burpees. Give it a go!


Don’t be fooled by the title! A no-equipment HIIT circuit might sound easy, but this workout will burn fat, tone those muscles and make you sweat buckets. There are 3 circuits that make up this 40-minute bodyweight HIIT workout. We’ll be completing 2 sets of 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest, then have a much-needed 1-minute rest between circuits. To complete this total-body HIIT, no weights are needed, so go grab your towel and your water bottle and you’ll be all set to sweat.

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Happy Training guys! 

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