penny barnshaw garage fitness girl

Hi, I’m Penny Barnshaw

I went from being a full-time personal trainer, working and working out at a gym for almost 20 years, to taking my entire business online and working full time at home.

When I started my new business, I was short on time and didn’t want to have to drive to a gym just to get in a workout.

In between hustling on my business and looking after my family, I started working out in my (teeny) tiny garage with just a few sets of dumbbells and a kettlebell and discovered a passion for creating creative workouts that required minimal equipment and space but still got me killer results.

my passion

Now my passion is sharing my workouts with all the other hard working, mumma’s, online hustlers, shift workers, women and men who want to get a kickass sweat on without having to leave the house.

I truly believe you can be fit, strong and lean without having to sacrifice your time or the other life things that are truly important to you.