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The Garage Fitness Girl Mission is to inspire, empower and educate women on how they can live happier, healthier lives and love their bodies by getting back to the basics, eating delicious home cooked foods, moving everyday and changing the way they think and feel about themselves.

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Sometimes, you want a calorie-killer workout that will leave you a sweaty mess!
For many of us, a new year signifies a fresh start. To create real change, it’s important to make New Year’s resolutions that can be followed for life.
My Fit, Lean & Strong Challenge has been designed to help you smash your fitness goals.
When it comes to losing the ol’ muffin top, there are things you can do to get the lean look you desire.
When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, small changes can result in some big improvements to your motivation levels.
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happy clients

Penny’s fitness, nutrition and lifestyle guidance has provided me with the opportunity to develop new skills and a new mindset. Her workouts are fun, challenging and provide a full body overhaul. Her nutritional advice has truly changed the way I view food and given me a new set of tools to work with. I consider Penny’s coaching to be a complete lifestyle approach to health, fitness and ultimately happiness. Truly an awesome coach!

Natascha Knott

Before the Easy Healthy Living Program, I didn’t drink enough water, yoyo ate throughout my working days and then tended to eat too much on my days off because I felt so run down and hungry. On the program I ate more food, but on a regular basis and became mindful of having a water bottle on hand which gave me more energy (I even have a water bottle on my bedside table now so that I can drink before I start my day). The program was well laid out and easy to understand. The meals were simple and it was good to try new foods. Being part of the Facebook accountability group with other like-minded people ideas was encouraging and in itself a boost. I loved how everyone was happy to share their meal ideas and photos and share their experiences throughout the program.

Pauline Chandler