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How To Mix Up Your Strength Training For Maximum Results


When it comes to strength training, it’s easy to get bored performing similar workouts over and over again, and doing the same thing can also impede your results. The important thing to remember is that variety is key; there are plenty of strength training techniques to keep your workouts fresh and interesting, while still hitting your goals. 


Supersets are such a good way to build strength, but they’re not easy! Supersets are an advanced way to lift weights that involves coupling two or more exercises, one after the other, with very little rest in between. So basically, you do one exercise and, instead of resting and doing another set, you do a different exercise and alternate those exercises for your desired number of sets. This type of training maximises your time and is also a great way to lift the intensity.

Supersets can be done with different body parts, for example back and chest, or you can really spice things up by coupling together two moves for the same body part, for example, bench press superset with pushups. 

30 MIN UPPER BODY SUPERSETS | Dumbbell & Resistance Band Workout

Pyramid Workouts

Pyramid workouts are great to mix things up when you’re getting bored of your typical strength training, and can help you get past a plateau. Pyramid training can be done a few different ways, including:

Ascending Pyramids – Increase the weight and decrease the reps for each set.

Descending Pyramids – Decrease the weight and increase the reps with each set.

Triangle Pyramid- With this technique you do both ascending and descending pyramids. 

As an example, here’s a weighted back squat pyramid workout:  

·       Set 1: 40kg x 15 reps

·       Set 2: 50kg x 12 reps

·       Set 3: 60kg x 10 reps

·       Set 4: 70kg x 8 reps

·       Set 5: 75kg x 6 reps

·       Set 6: 80kg x 4 reps

45 MIN Full Body INTENSE Pyramid HIIT with Weights


As the name implies, tri-sets involve doing three exercises back to back, with no break except for 10 seconds, which is really only enough to set yourself up for the next exercise. 

An example:  

Exercise 1, Shoulder Press then rest 10 seconds

Exercise 2, Upright Row then rest 10 seconds

Exercise 3, Lateral Raise then rest for 10 seconds. 

You’d then rest for another 2 minutes and repeat the whole tri-set again as needed! 

30 MIN TRIPLE SET HIIT with Weights | Full Body Dumbbell Workout 

Giant Sets 

Giant sets have nothing to do with excessive amounts of weight! Rather, they are a circuit of four or more exercises back to back with little to no rest in between. You can focus a giant set on one individual area, or you can mix up the movements to train the entire body. 

An example: 

Exercise 1: Front squat 3 x 10, no rest

Exercise 2: Back squat, 3 x 10, no rest

Exercise 3: Dumbbell Walking lunges 3 x 10 no rest

Exercise 4: Step up 3-20 x 20  

Then 1-2 minutes rest.

Drop Sets

Drop Sets are essentially a technique where you perform an exercise and then drop (reduce) the weight and continue for more reps until you hit failure. Usually, the drop set is performed at the last set of an exercise as a way to really fatigue the muscle. 

For example: You’ve decided to do a seated dumbbell shoulder press, and you’re going to do 3 sets, starting with reps of 10-12. 

Set 1: 10-12 reps of your chosen weight. 

Set 2: 10-12 reps of the same weight again. 

Set 3: Begin with the same weight and do as many reps as you can, then “drop” (i.e. reduce) the weight. Keep doing as many reps as you can until you need to drop the weight again. Keep going until you can’t lift the weight anymore. 

Let me know your favourite strength training technique! Don’t forget to follow me on YouTube so you never miss one of my follow-along workouts, including strength, HIIT, cardio and so much more. You can also sign up to my newsletter to say up-to-date and receive free monthly workout calendars. Happy training! 

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