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5 Strength HIIT Workouts to Build Muscle & Burn Fat, Fast


While cardio is great for overall health, strength training is the ultimate answer for those who want to change their shape and torch some serious calories at the same time. Strength training has the benefit of building lean muscle which requires more energy, so you burn more fat even when at rest. Below are 5 of my strength HIIT workouts that will build muscle and burn excess fat, fast.

1. When you’re short on time but want to maximize your results

The 30-minute Cardio & Strength Supersets HIIT is a full-body workout with dumbbells. It combines fat-burning cardio moves with muscle-building strength exercises in one killer HIIT routine guaranteed to make you sweat. Supersets are great because repeating the same exercise means you’re really going to exhaust those muscles, which is when the growth happens!

2. When you don’t want to jump around

Let’s be honest, even those of us who don’t have joint issues or cranky neighbours sometimes prefer workouts that don’t require too much jumping. This 60-minute No Jumping Full Body Strength workout is the perfect way to build strength and lean muscle in an intense circuit training style packed with all my favourite no jumping, apartment friendly moves.

3. When you want to challenge yourself

Yes, you can challenge yourself in only 30 minutes! This Tripple Set HIIT workout will help you to build muscle and burn fat fast by combing strength with cardio moves for the ultimate sweat session.

4. When you want to mix it up

Love the bookcamp style workouts where you can get out all your favourite gear? Me too! This 30-minute Full Body Bootcamp Mixed Equipment workout will not disappoint. I’ll be using a bench/chair, 1 kettlebell, 1 resistance band and a variety of dumbbells, but if you don’t have all the equipment, don’t worry! I’ll show you dumbbell modifications for all the movements.

5. If you get bored easily

While supersets are great for fatiguing the muscle to help with growth, there’s definitely a place for ‘no repeat’ workouts, too. I do them regulary because I get to use my muscles without having to repeat the same exercise over and over again! This helps keep exercise enjoyable for me, which is so important.

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Happy Training! 

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