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5 Full Body Workouts for Every Mood


When it comes to exercise, it’s far better to keep moving consistently than it is to have the perfect workout plan! So please remember that when your planned workouts don’t line up with your mood, just switch the plan and keep moving!

I’ve had a bit of fun this week thinking about matching some of my workouts with different moods… I really think I’m onto something here!

Whether you’re feeling stressed, unmotivated, unchallenged, or fierce and energised, I’ve got a workout for you!

Feeling stressed!

If you’re feeling stressed, chances are you don’t have a lot of time and you need an outlet for your frustration. What about a quick but intense 30-minute full body sweat session where we lift some heavy dumbbells and throw in some HIIT cardio moves for a total body metabolic workout. Let’s get that blood pumping, feel the burn and clear out those toxins! 🔥

Feeling Unmotivated

Feeling a bit unmotivated? Try my All Standing Power Workout! Having days when you’re not completely motivated is totally normal, so be kind to yourself. It’s OK if you don’t feel like pushing yourself through a repetitive workout that will require you to get up and down from the floor. This workout is challenging and effective, so you’ll still feel accomplished and will absolutely be getting results!

Feeling Fierce

If you’re feeling fit, strong and fierce there’s nothing like a Full Body Barbell Workout! I’m a big fan of barbell workouts to mix things up, and they make me feel so good! This workout shows just how many exercises you can do for your entire body with a barbell! Note that I’ve included dumbbell alternatives for every exercise for those who don’t have a barbell.

Feeling Unchallenged

If you’re feeling unchallenged, try my Ultimate Intervals Full Body Circuit workout. We’ll be doing 4 circuits, with 4 exercises in each circuit, and we’re doing each circuit 3 times through. We’ll be doing 30 seconds work for each exercise with 10 seconds to transition to the next move, and we will finish with a one minute max-effort strength exercise! How’s that for a satisfying challenge!

Feeling Energised

Take full advantage of your high energy mood with my 45 Min Full Body HIIT No Repeat workout. We’ll be doing 45 seconds work with 15 seconds rest for each exercise in this high energy cardio and strength based HIIT workout. The perfect fusion for fat loss and strength gains.

Let me know which of these workouts you enjoyed most! Remember that it’s great to have a plan, but to remain consistent it’s important to allow yourself to be flexible with your workouts. Any movement is a million times better than no movement!

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