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5 Advanced Shoulder Exercises for Women


It’s not just men who want strong, well-defined shoulders, but women too. Not only is it awesome to look fit and toned in sleeveless tops, but good shoulder strength can also help prevent injuries. The best news is, when it comes to strengthening your shoulders, you don’t need high-tech machines, an expensive gym membership, or super-long workouts to get noticeable results.

These shoulder exercises for women can be done in your own home, so you can build strong, sculpted shoulders on a schedule that suits you. Put each of the below exercises into a routine by completing 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions, and do this 1-2 times per week.

Exercise #1 Dumbbell Seated Z Press (Total Shoulder)

The Dumbbell Seated Z Press is a total shoulder exercise. Because you’re sitting down, it takes any assistance from the legs out of the equation. This makes your core and the smaller shoulder stabilizers work harder, while increasing the work done by the primary mover (delts).

Exercise #2 Pike Pushups (Anterior and Medial Delt)

The pike pushup puts more emphasis on your shoulders and less on your chest, when compared to a traditional pushup. It’s also great preparation for handstands if you’re looking to get upside down. The Pike Pushup is not a move for beginners so prioritise quality over quantity.

Exercise #3 Half Kneeling Lateral to Front Raise Combo (Total Shoulder)

As with our first exercise, less involvement from the legs means you can really target those shoulder muscles. This one has the added bonus of also working your core. As there are effectively two separate movements involved in this exercise (lateral raise and front raise), this combination helps you target the entire shoulder and saves you time.

Exercise #4 Underhand Grip Lateral Raise (Rear Delts)

The Underhand Grip Lateral Raise exercise helps you target the often forgotten rear delt muscles, as well as working to improve your posture and strengthen your upper back 💪

Exercise #5 Decline Commando Plank (Total Shoulder)

This one is demanding on both shoulders and core, and is great for improving total upper body strength. No bench? That’s OK, just modify the move to a commando plank on the floor, doing the same movement with your arms.

Looking for a complete upper body workout? Checkout these ones from my YouTube channel 👇

Try this one if you’re short on time: This upper body workout takes only 30 minutes and will help strengthen, shape and tone your entire upper body. This one has the benefit of being a HIIT workout, which means you’re burning calories, losing weight and building muscle all at the same time. Together we’ll do 6 supersets, working on each superset 3 times through, with 30 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. All you’ll need is a variety of dumbbells and your mat!

Try this one if you want results, but get bored easily! This no-repeat 40-minute workout is excellent for those of you who get bored easily and don’t want to do the same exercises over and over again, but still want to hit your upper body strength goals. We’ll be doing 4 circuits, with 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest. You’ll need a variety of dumbbells plus access to bench or chair. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a bench or chair handy I’ll provide you with some modifications.

Want something super-targeted? Try this killer 45+ minute chest, shoulder and tricep workout! Together we’ll be doing 6 separate circuits, 3 times through. You’ll need a variety of dumbbells and a bench or chair to complete this workout. Again, if you don’t if you have a bench or chair handy I’ll provide you with modifications. This is a strength-based workout, so keep it slow and controlled and focus on keeping good form rather than more repetitions!

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get follow-along weekly workouts just like these ones! And don’t forget to click the sign-up button on my homepage to receive my free monthly workout calendar💪.

Enjoy those shoulder gains!

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