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Supercharge Your Fitness Without Equipment


Staying on top of your fitness can be difficult without equipment at home, particularly when you’re looking to not only lose fat, but also build some lean muscle.

Fortunately, this is where your own bodyweight can be your friend. The simple truth is, if you want to raise your heart rate to burn fat and gain some lean muscle, there are plenty of workouts you can do that don’t require a medicine ball, a bench press, a kettlebell, or even a solitary dumbbell!

Thankfully, having no equipment doesn’t mean you’re limited to walking or running outside, which can get fairly repetitive and is far too dependent on the weather!

So stay inside (away from the pesky weather) but never let being without equipment stop you from moving towards your fitness goals! I’ve got plenty of no equipment workouts over at my Youtube page, (if you’re keen to have a browse), but here are three of my all-time favourites. The first two have the added bonus of being low impact, too.

#1 The No Repeat Workout

Keep your neighbours and your joints happy with this low impact, apartment-friendly HIIT that focuses on building lean muscle and blasting calories with no boring repeat sets! HIIT workouts are great because they combine short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise, and are highly effective in burning fat while increasing muscle.

Time to Complete: 50 Minutes

Equipment: None.

How it’s done: There are 4 circuits + 1 mini ab circuit that make up this workout. Complete each circuit of movements, working for 45 seconds and resting for 15 seconds. Have 1 minute rest between circuits.

#2 The Low Impact Workout

This apartment friendly cardio HIIT brings the intensity without the impact, and again, no equipment needed!

Time to Complete: 45 Minutes

Equipment: None! 

There are 6 circuits that make up this workout. Complete 3 rounds of each circuit, working for 30 seconds and resting for 15 seconds between exercises. Have a 30 second rest between circuits.

#3 The Quick Cardio & Abs Workout

Forget the Ab Roller (remember when they were a thing?). Target and sculpt your abs while you burn fat with this 30-minute bodyweight-only HIIT routine.

Time to Complete: 30 minutes

Equipment: You guessed it… none!

There are 4 circuits that make up this workout. Complete 3 rounds of each circuit, working for 40 seconds and resting for 10 seconds between exercises. Have a 30 second rest between circuits.

Enjoy your workouts and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on Instagram and Facebook, so that you never miss a new workout. Let me know how you go!

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